Here are Tips for your New Computer!

Bought a new computer? What next? Is your task restricted to creating a spreadsheet or simply changing desktop background? Certainly no. If you wish to carry on with the newness of your computer for years to come then you need to consider few things while booting the PC for the first time. You can also refer to PC and laptop support for resolving any kind of errors in your system. But we can also avoid the occurrence of errors by following simple steps after the first boot up session.

Steps to Follow After the First Boot Up Session

Most of the users start using their computer after the setup is complete. But there are some important things one needs to do before you computing.

1. Second Administrator Account

It is good to create a standard user account and a secondary administrator account. A standard account ensures visitors like children cannot cause unintentional changes to your system. An administrator account gives you the power to rectify things if anything goes wrong. Don’t hesitate to contact Dell PC laptop technical support in case of any technical glitches.

2. Check for Promotional Rebates

Fill and send the promotional rebates if there is any with the packaged box. For this, you would need the UPC code and the receipt from the box. It is advisable to pen down the serial number, model number, and service tag number mentioned on the back of the computer.

3. Uninstall Antivirus

Uninstall Norton or McAfee anti-virus software from the control panel unless you want to be troubled by them daily. Looking for a suitable anti-virus software for your PC visit Antivirus technical support.

4. Create Backup Plan

Buy an external hard drive and set up Windows for automatic backup to make sure important information is protected always. Remember, plan B always keep you confident about the plan A.

5. Update your Windows

It is advisable to update your Windows by visiting Microsoft Update. This will ensure that the computer has all the necessary security patches. Else, your PC is vulnerable to attacks.

It is fun to work on a new computer. Keeping in consideration essential steps will help you avoid pitfalls. For technical problems related to routers, see technical support for Router.


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